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Policy Privacy

 MP 7 NEWS Privacy Policy

 Privacy Policy

 Updated on 2020-08-28.

MP 7 NEWS ("we," "our," or "we") is committed to protecting your privacy.  This privacy policy describes how your personal information is collected, used and disclosed by MP 7 NEWS. This privacy policy is our website MP 7 NEWS and Its associated sub-domains (collectively, our "service") Our application applies with MP 7 NEWS.  Our By accessing or using the service, you indicate That in this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service Described our collection, storage, use, and your personal Read, understand and agree to the disclosure of information.

- Meaning 

for this Privacy Policy: You are referred to the person who Has gained access on behalf of the service, or company, or other legal entity to which such person is using or using the service, as applicable. Company (in this Agreement "Company", "we", "us" or Referred to as "our"), The website referred to MP7 NEWS, accessible from MP7 NEWS. The service is referred to on the website. Service Provider means any natural or legal person who collects data on behalf of the company Processes.  To provide this service, To provide service on behalf of the company. To provide related services or services In analyzing how it is used Appointed by the company to assist the company Refers to third-party companies or individuals is.Third-party social media service any website or A social network website can contain Login to use user service Or create an account.

 • Personal data is any information that someone Identity or identity belongs to the person. Cookies generated by a website and your web There is a small amount of data saved by the browser. Its purpose is created by the software application About you, like a priority file Information has to be remembered.

 • Device is any device with internet Which can be mobile phone, computer or digital Can use a tablet-like service.

 • Usage data is data that is automatically collected Has been done, either by use of the service or by the service Arises from infrastructure.  for example, How many times did the user access the website.


- What information do we collect Huh?

When you visit our website, on our site Register, register on our site, a Order, subscribe to our newsletter, a Respond to survey or fill out a form. Email address We offer mobile devices for better user experience Also collect information, although these features are complete Kinds are optional:

 • Location (GPS): Location data accurate to your interests Helps create representation, and its Use potential customers more targeted and Can be done to bring relevant advertisements. Of the information we collect.


- How to use

Use of any information you have collected This can be done in one of the following ways: To personalize your experience (your Information better for your personal needs Helps answer) To improve our website (we ask you Based on the information and feedback received Continually to improve website offerings Strive) To improve customer service (your Information about your customer service requests and Respond to support needs more effectively Helps to give) To process transactions

 • a contest, promotion, survey or other site To facilitate To send periodic emails.


- We use your email address How do?

By submitting your email address on this website, you Agree to receive email from us.  You belong Email opt-out link or other subscription These email lists at any time by clicking on the option Can cancel their participation in  We only those Send emails to people who have sent us directly or from third parties Authorized to contact the medium.  We Do not send unsolicited commercial email, because we Hate as much as you do.  Your email address By submitting, you target us on sites like Facebook Using your email address for customer viewers We also agree to allow those specific Display custom ads to people who have Has opted to receive communication.  Order only Use of email address submitted through processing page To send information and updates related to your order Will be done for sole purpose.  If, however, you Provided us the same email via another method Is, for any purpose stated in this policy Can use it.  Note: If at any time you Want to unsubscribe from receiving future emails So, we'll elaborate at the bottom of each email Unsubscribe contains instructions.


- How long can we get your information Keep

We only keep your information while Till we provide you MP7 NEWS and this policy Are required to fulfill the objectives described in.  this Also for anyone that we share your information And who provide services on our behalf.  when We need to use your information Does not take place and we have to fulfill our legal or regulatory obligations No need to keep it to follow If it happens, we will either remove it from our system or We will personalize it so that we cannot identify you.


- We protect your information How to do?

To maintain the security of your personal information We implement a variety of security measures when you Place an order or enter your personal information Are, accumulate, or access to it.  We one Offer secure server access.  All supplied sensitive / credit information secure socket layer (SSL) technology and Then encrypted in our payment gateway provider database That is, given the exclusive access rights of such systems Also accessible by authorized people, and information confidential Necessary to keep.  After the transaction, your personal Information (credit card, social security number, financial, Etc.) is never put on file.  However, Ensure you complete security of any information or Can not be sure, which you on MP 7 NEWS Send or guarantee that your information is not in service Can be transported, disclosed, changed.


- Official law

The law of IN, except for the conflict of laws of law, this Agreement and control your use of the website will do.  Your use of the website is based on other local, state, May also be subject to national or international laws.


- your consent

Using our site, register an account or Shopping, you agree to this privacy policy Give.

- Links to Other Web Sites

Our service may contain links to other websites that our Are not operated by.  If you have a third party link You click on that third party site Will be directed  We strongly recommend you. That any site you visit, its privacy policy review the. Our content of any third party sites or services, There is no control over privacy policies or practices.


- advertisement

Advertising has MP 7 NEWS and many websites and services Which you use for free.  We ensure Work hard to make ads secure, Be as courteous and relevant as possible.

 - Advertising cookies

Cookies help make advertising more effective. Without cookies, for an advertiser to, Or it is difficult to know how many ads Shown and how many clicks they received.

 - Cookies

MP 7 News identify those areas of our website Uses "cookies" to have seen.  A cookie by your web browser on your computer Or a small bit of data stored on a mobile device piece off.  Content that you see on our website Use cookies to personalize. Most web browsers disable the use of cookies Can be set for  However, if you If you disable the functionality on our website Cannot be accessed correctly or at all. We provide personally identifiable information in cookies.


- Never keep Children's privacy

We are under 13 to improve our services Collects information from children of age.  If you a Parent or guardian and you know that Your child gave us personal data without your permission Please contact us if provided.  If we It is known that at the age of 13, we have not given any personal consent to anyone Data is collected, then we get that information from our server Steps to remove.


- In our privacy policy


If we decide to change our privacy policy, We'll post those changes on this page, and /Or update the privacy policy revision date below.

- Third-party services

We provide third-party content (data, information, applications and other Product services), including Or third-party websites or services ("third-party services") Can provide a link to. You accept and agree that MP 7 NEWS Their accuracy, completeness, timeliness, validity, copyright, Compliance, legality, decency, quality or any other Responsible for any third-party services including Aspect Will not done.  MP 7 NEWS does not take and your Pass or for any other person or institution No obligation or responsibility for third-party services Will be. Third-Party Services and Link Therato give you a complete Are provided as a convenience and you fully Arrive at their own risk and use them And are subject to such third party terms and conditions.


- General data security regulation (GDPR) under your data About security rights Information

For the purpose of this privacy policy, we Data controller of personal information. If you are from the European Economic Area (EEA), your To collect and use privacy information Our legal basis, as in this privacy policy Described, the information we collect and the specific In the context we collect it depends on it.  We Can process your personal information Because: We need to enter into a contract with you, Such as when you use our services We do You have given us permission to do so Processing is in our legitimate interests and it is your Does not exceed rights Obeying the law for payment processing purposes If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), then You have some data protection rights.  certain circumstances In, you have the following data protection rights:Huh: Personal information we hold with you Has the right to access, update or delete Right to reform Right to object Right to ban Data portability right Right to withdraw consent. Please note that before we respond to such requests Ask you to verify your identity Huh. You have the right to complain to the Data Protection Authority about the collection and use of our personal information.  For more information, please contact your local data protection authority in the European Economic Area (EEA).

- Contact -

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us Do it

 Email: Madhyapardesh7news@gmail.com

Phone Number: 7869349141

 • See this link: http://www.mp7news.in

Copyright©mp7news 2020, All Rights Reserved

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